Numerical strongly correlated systems textbooks

These are the books I’ve chosen to give a head start in quantum physics and strongly correlated systems. There may be more appropriate textbooks out there, but these are really clear and comprehensive, I thought they are worth sharing.

S. H. Simon. The Oxford Solid State Basics. OUP Oxford, 2013


S. Axler. Linear Algebra done right, third edition. Springer 2015


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Tools for atomic structures

This is another list, this time for the tools used to create supercells when doing DFT and related simulations.

  • XCrySDen (Linux)
  • VESTA program (both Linux and windows)
  • Utility “genlat.f” of DL_POLY
  • ‘Spacegroup’ program in EXCITING package to generate the supercell, use ‘fropho’  to check the symmetry’
  • PHON code
  • QuantumWide Virtual NanoLab, VNL. (Linux, Windows, Mac) Free for academics.