Eleni Chatzikyriakou 

I am doing research on devices at the nano to quantum limit, examining their behaviour and that of the materials that they contain using computational methods. My work is mostlyblog_new applied, so I spend a lot of time talking with experimentalists, but I also get my hands dirty with the software. My studies are concentrated on semiconducting technologies and they range from flying qubits to Majorana bound states.

The methods I am using to achieve this range from those in mesoscopic physics, technology computer aided design, to machine learning and, lately, quantum algorithms.

I was previously a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow at CEA Grenoble in France and have been awarded an EPRSC grant to do my PhD at the Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology group at the University of Southampton, UK.

I have a BSc degree in Information Technology from the Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki in Greece, and a MSc in Embedded Digital Systems from the University of Sussex.

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